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Making Media That Matters

Digital Media


Digital Media and Journalism


Professor Joan Wesman and Dr. Winnie Needham

Program Summary

The media is a powerful instrument that we can use in any way we’d like. What are your responsibilities as a content creator? How do you successfully tell your own story–and the stories of the organizations and causes you care about? Do you feel ready to enter the workforce and make a positive contribution? In this FYE you’ll try out a variety of media to communicate ideas that matter to you. You’ll hone your ability as a capable digital creator while asking critical thinking questions like, Who is my audience? What is the goal of my creation? How can I use the media in a way that aligns with my values?  Ultimately, we’ll work together so students can individually answer this essential question of our program: How can I use the media to make a meaningful contribution to the world?

MDIA 120, Intro to Media & Journalism (3SH, GESS)
This course is an introduction to the major media platforms students will need to understand and use to succeed in the world of multi-media storytelling. It lays the foundation for them to determine their area of emphasis in the major and explores the four main concentrations taught in the department. These are journalism, audio production, visual media, and public relations.

GEN 101 MM: ILC (3 SH)
The aim of this course is to help you thrive in college. You will have guided opportunities to further develop critical thinking, information literacy, and college-level writing. You will also learn strategies for time management, reflection, and self-discovery. As part of each FYE program, this course develops skills that will help you be successful as an undergraduate.

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