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Mind the Gap


Theatre and Education Studies


Professor Chrissy Calkins Steele and Dr. Galen Benson

Program Summary

“Mind the Gap'' searches for answers to the question, “How can awareness of your self and understanding of others build bridges and improve the world?” A collaboration between theatre arts and education will examine this question through various lenses that enhance self-awareness, build empathy, and create community. The pairing of coursework in Acting I and Interpersonal Communication develops vulnerability, trust, and an openness to building connections with others. 
THEA 101:  Acting I (3 SH, GEA) will develop a deeper self-awareness and an understanding of others through the study of theatre. In this acting class, you will learn the fundamentals of acting and bring dramatic literature to life through ensemble exercises, creative explorations, improvisation, and scene work. You will also explore the value of the arts in understanding yourself, in connecting with others, and in creating community. 

EDST 260: Interpersonal Communication (3SH GESS) will explore verbal and nonverbal communication. Through this experience, you will be introduced to how your body language affects others and how active listening improves relationships. By taking the time to listen and to hear what other people are saying without judgment, you will develop authentic connection and build trust.  
This FYE will explore the personal and communal from both performative and theoretical standpoints, working towards a better understanding of how we, as humans, can authentically connect. Together, we will mind the gap and bridge connections. The world will improve! 
GEN 101 MG: ILC Mind the Gap (3 SH)
This Integrated Learning Course builds foundational skills for success in college: reading, critical and creative thinking, reflective and analytical writing, research, and speaking.  You will also learn and practice skills for time management, organization, collaboration, and community building.  As part of this FYE, you will attend several live theater performances and create a group presentation that showcases your work as a learning community.