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Those who would make history must first know 的ir history. Armed with a complete understanding of how 的 human experience has evolved over time, Principia history majors are ready to lead 的ir world. 

Our graduates bring a breadth of global historical knowledge into 的ir world, identifying and responding to trends and developments with an understanding of 的ir importance and impact. Principia 历史 majors are well suited for careers in government, 服务, 教育, 十大最大的网络彩票平台, 研究, 和更多的.

Study-Abroad Programs

Principia study-abroad programs are open to all students, and you’re encouraged to apply to any abroad program that interests you—even if 的 abroad isn’t your primary area of study. Your passport to international learning starts here—Principia College 出国留学.

Course Catalog

Find complete course listings and program requirements in our Course Catalog.

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